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Who Is Behind Home Butcher Guide?

The Home Butcher Guide folks are long time farmers from a farming community who have butchered their own animals their entire life and have passed the knowledge on to the next generation. Butchering meat is a lost art and rightly so when there is access to readily available meat at the grocery or butcher shop nearby.  There truly is little need to raise and butcher your own animals. Why bother? 


Butchering is a valuable skill to acquire because it allows you the freedom to be self-sufficient if the need arises.  When the recent pandemic occurred around the world, we saw a rise in the need for self-sufficiency. But how can we be self-sufficient without the knowledge of how to raise, and preserve our own food?


That is our passion. We want others to have an understanding of how to care for their families and neighbors if the need arises. Every Thanksgiving weekend we slaughter and hang beef. The first weekend in December, our families gather to cut and preserve each other’s meat.  We could easily bring it to the butcher, and sometimes we do later in the year, but our tradition stands to prepare the next generation the value of processing their own beef. With this skill, during the pandemic, when there were food shortages, we had no worry. Our food was standing in front of us and we knew exactly what to do with it. 


Consider butchering at home if you are able. These guides are a start to getting you in the right direction. The essential equipment guides provided are minimal because in the end, it doesn’t take much equipment to be successful. 


You know what we say:  Those who learn to butcher will never starve!  

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